Sunday, March 26, 2017

Fine Art Printed Gift Cards & Sublimated Ceramic Tiles

Gallery at Marina Square has a large selection of both Fine Art Printed Gift Cards:
Cards by Alice Cahill, Virginia Mack and Susan Wood

Gift Cards by Pat Newton, Jack McNeal and Gregory Siragusa

Gift Cards by Susan Wood, Jari de Ham, Linda Bench and Karen Peterson

Gift Cards & Folios by George Asdel, Spanky Anderson & Bill Sima
But we also have incredible Dye Sublimated Tiles! These tiles are very sturdy and can be used as trivets, wall hangings, mounted as inset tiles and more! These are standard Ceramic Tiles with incredibly vivid, colorful images sublimated onto them!

A Fine Art Tile by Hope Myers

A Fine Art Tile by Patricia Newton

A Fine Art Tile by Sarah Delong

A Fine Art Tile by Carlo Christian!

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Valentine's Day Crafts & Gifts!

Valentine's day is coming up!!

Mixed Media Collage by Hope Myers

Have you bought your gifts for your loved ones?

Earrings by Lisa Kanofsky

Here's some marvelous ideas!

Mixed Media Collage by Hope Myers

All locally crafted art, found here, in Gallery at Marina Square!

Exquisite Jewelry by Christina Lievanos

We have Paintings, Jewelry, Sculpture and more!!

Paintings by Hope Myers

We love you! Thank you for looking at some of the art of our marvelous artists - we have 64 local artists from all over the Central Coast - You should come and visit to see even more!!

Monday, December 12, 2016

Gallery Jewelers and Crafters!

Gallery at Marina Square has an ever evolving list of amazing crafters and artist in our wonderful space! Here's a brief look at some of their amazing art!

Dolls by Ardella Swanberg

Earrings by Lisa Kanofsky

Earrings by Linda Hill

Pendants by Christina Lievanos

Tiny Paintings by Lisa Kanofsky

Gear by Alison Salome

Sculpture by Jari de Ham

Pottery by Thomas Brown

Gear by Alison Salome

Dragons by Mark Clark

Crosses by Janet Lynn

Monday, July 4, 2016

Crafts & Gifts of all kinds!

Gallery at Marina Square is a great place to find a very unique gift for someone special. We have glass, ceramic, jewelry, soap, boxes, bookmarks, tiles, magnets, cards—and more! Come on in and find a special gift for a friend, family member—or yourself!

Various gifts

Box, bookmarks, credit card holder

Coaster sets

Tiny glass vials
Decorative iron pieces

Decorative miniature planter

Felted bags and phone holders

Wall & Fridge Magnets

Friday, April 1, 2016

Pat Newton - Oil Painter, & creator of magical Fairy Gardens

Pat Newton is a tremendously multitalented artist, her Oil paintings have not only been found in our Gallery for many years, but those very paintings have been purchased from us and have then traveled all around the world.

But Pat also makes beautiful Fairy Gardens!

These fairy Gardens can be found throughout our Gallery.

Fairy Gardens are alive! They will be slightly different every time you see them!

They move on their own - shifting constantly!

Each fairy garden has it's own character, and will be a playful addition to your home or garden!

Saturday, August 1, 2015


Gallery at Marina Square Presents
a “Close Up” of
Some of our Gallery Crafters!

Jane Wells Nelson lives in Templeton and creates amazing and unique porcelain pottery.

© Jane Wells Nelson
© Jane Wells Nelson
© Jane Wells Nelson
© Jane Wells Nelson
© Jane Wells Nelson
© Jane Wells Nelson

We also have amazing stained glass by Linda Richardson. Linda has lived in Morro Bay and worked as a professional land surveyor on the Central Coast since the mid 1980’s and loves the profession. Surveying will always be her first love. However, Linda felt she needed a hobby so she taught herself stained glass from a book. After taking her first class years later she found out just how much she didn’t know.
© Linda Richardson

Icons by Deb Festa. Deb is known for her vibrant color combinations.  Deb’s goal is to capture and share the serenity and joy of nature – a serene refuge from the modern world. Deb lives in Los Osos, California with her husband Ray. They have two grown children, Stephanie and Isaiah.

© Deb Festa
© Deb Festa
© Deb Festa
© Deb Festa

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Gifts Made of Glass

Gallery at Marina Square has quite an assortment of gifts made of glass—from suncatchers, to ornaments, to tiny vials, to dishes, vases, globes, even jewelry! Unique, handmade gifts you won't find anywhere else...

Glass ornamental balls