Sunday, March 26, 2017

Fine Art Printed Gift Cards & Sublimated Ceramic Tiles

Gallery at Marina Square has a large selection of both Fine Art Printed Gift Cards:
Cards by Alice Cahill, Virginia Mack and Susan Wood

Gift Cards by Pat Newton, Jack McNeal and Gregory Siragusa

Gift Cards by Susan Wood, Jari de Ham, Linda Bench and Karen Peterson

Gift Cards & Folios by George Asdel, Spanky Anderson & Bill Sima
But we also have incredible Dye Sublimated Tiles! These tiles are very sturdy and can be used as trivets, wall hangings, mounted as inset tiles and more! These are standard Ceramic Tiles with incredibly vivid, colorful images sublimated onto them!

A Fine Art Tile by Hope Myers

A Fine Art Tile by Patricia Newton

A Fine Art Tile by Sarah Delong

A Fine Art Tile by Carlo Christian!

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