Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Gallery at Marina Square Presents a “Close Up” of

Rick Carter

Rick Carter
I’m Rick Carter, and I love making things out of wood! I retired from 45 years behind a desk and traveling on airplanes in 2010 and within a few months I was in my garage making sawdust nearly every day. I must admit that I am a bit obsessive about it. I tend to think about my current project or the next thing I am going to make even in the middle of the night! I source my hardwoods from a local Paso Robles dealer, or sometimes online. I design all my own work and try new things continually. Recently I’ve started a series of decorative bowls that are made from a mix of several different woods. Hopefully others will find them as pretty as I do!

My favorite situation is when someone asks if I can make a custom item to fit their needs. That energizes me to do my best work so they will be happy. My reward is when people love my work.

Boxes © Rick Carter
Butter dishes © Rick Carter
Checkerboard box © Rick Cater
Cutting board © Rick Carter
Co-sleeper © Rick Carter
Kaleidoscope bowls © Rick-Carter
Ships clock © Rick Carter
Trivets © Rick Carter
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